Fabric Shaver

Presence of lint balls or fuzz is the common problem associated with clothing. The problem increases as the number of washes increases and lint balls ruin the look and feel of the clothing. Handpicking the lint balls is a laborious task and it may also not completely remove the balls. An easy way to get rid of lint balls and fuzz that builds on clothing is by using a fabric shaver. Various models of fabric shavers are available in the market. Here is an overview of the models of fabric shaver, the topnotch brands and other information related to fabric shavers.

Models of fabric shaver

The two models of fabric shavers include: manual model and a battery operated model. Both the models give best results except that the battery operated model requires battery and is easy to operate compared to the manual model.

Popular brands of fabric shaver

Clothing shavers are manufactured by many companies. But, it is always essential to choose best brand worth the price you invest on it. Few popular fabric shavers include:

  1. Evercare fabric shaver: Battery operated de-fuzzer with triple blades and comes with a handle that offers firm grip.
  2. Sweat Stone fabric shaver: Comes with unique pumice like surface to remove the pills on your clothing. It is considered as a best alternative to dry cleaning services.
  3. Brookstone fabric shaver: Battery operated and easy to maintain.

Benefits of using a fabric shaver

Fabric shavers are very useful devices and can be very useful. Some of the most important benefits of fabric shavers are:

  1. Easy to use: Just move the fabric shaver from top to bottom of the fabric gently and it will getoff the lint and fuzz from the clothing. Thus, it is very simple to use and does not require any efforts. Due to their small size they are easy to hold and fit snuggly in hand. They are also very easy to take along with you when you are out on a trip.
  2. Works for all clothing: It moves gently on any fabric. Hence, it can be used on all your clothing.
  3. Prevents damage to the fabric: Use of razor or pumice stone to get rid of fuzz creates holes or cuts in the fabric. Clothing shaver works best and prevents such accidents.
  4. Makes the fabric soft: After using the fabric for multiple times piling is noticed around the areas where the fabric touches the sleeves etc. With the help of this de-fuzzing tool you can have the fabric soft again as a new one.
  5. Inexpensive: They are not only designed to work perfectly but also cost less.

Using the fabric shaver

  1. Before using the fabric shaver it is highly essential to read the user manual. All the instructions given in the manual should be thoroughly followed to prevent damage to the tool.
  2. Essential settings such as setting the height essential to cut the pills, inserting the batteries and collection should be done correctly before switching on the shaver. The height setting should be done basing on the height of the pills on the fabric for a perfect looking fabric.
  3. All the threads collected in to the collection box should be removed after every use and shouldbe replaced back appropriately. For thorough cleaning of the collection box it has to be cleaned with a brush periodically.
  4. Make sure to clean the tool when it is off.

Precautions while using fabric shavers

  1. Always follow the instructions given in the manufacturer’s manual to use the tool correctly. Improper use of the shaver can ruin the fabric.
  2. Never move the fabric shaver back and forth or in rounds to avoid damage to the fabric.
  3. Do not use the shaver when you are wearing the dress.
  4. Ensure to include fully charged batteries in the shaver.

Where can I get best deals on fabric shavers?

You can buy fabric shaver either in-store or online. IF you wish to purchase in-store then you can find them at most of the fabric stores and drug stores such as CVS. Before purchasing the shaver make sure to check the packing if it includes all the items and the item works perfectly. If you have not used the fabric shaver earlier request the customer care personnel to give a short demonstration of its usage. You can even get an overview of the usage of the shaver by reading user manual. If you wish to purchase online then purchase them at reliable sellers such as Amazon.com and eBay. They not only sell genuine products but also offer excellent deals such as free shipping and discounted prices even during the non-festive season.

Our Recommendation

Fabric shavers help in keeping your clothes new and increase their life. Investing in today’s easy to use fabric shavers can potentially save you hundreds of dollars – highly recommended.